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In view of the comments that I and the hmbf below made, Paulo Querido (this is all without links in a hurry) sent me a comment and I will upload the post. It has interesting information. And some material for discussion that I won't be able to follow.

I'll also say two things about advertising on blogs: it surprises me that it's popular, because I never click on it, and I don't even see it - it's not a metaphor, I'm blind to it. Then, I do publicity myself - in this case below there is reference to “my” petition. Don't I make money from it? No, but damn, what would I pay to rub a good multi-signed petition in the faces of those at ANA and whoever is in charge of them! And, above all, those who legislate them.

Returning to the first way, I leave you with Paulo Querido's opinions (and information) - now I'm going to smoke a cigarette (in Hoje Há Conquilhas, Tomás Vasques says that it is illegal to smoke at home as it is the place where domestic workers work. That's right - but Mozambican law is (for now) more permissive than Portuguese law. And the employees are not there, by the way...) and close the blog. Enough with addenda, see you in fifteen days


I'm not going to argue — it would be a waste of time — about advertising on web content in general and on blogs in particular. I'm not even going to argue, exactly, just clarify and suggest. 
1. the pop-up window that actually pops up every now and then on is not the responsibility of Ma-Schamba or TubarãoEsquilo. It was already swarming on ma-schamba.blogpspot before. The person responsible for the window is one of the services that Ma-Schamba has in the sidebar. Although I am personally anti-pop-up, as I consider it too intrusive and uncontrollable, and not part of the TubarãoEsquilo table, I respected the services that jpt made available in its sidebar and did not even investigate which service it throws the pop-up. But I will do it, so you can act accordingly. 2. Very good. We must have a gesture towards the readers who pay attention to us. Fortunately, the web provides tools that allow us to circumvent, with proven effectiveness, one of the worst by-products of industrialization, which is one-size fits all. The concept of majority and minority audiences is not applicable here. Ultimately, we can adjust the publication according to each reader (read below).

3. Thank you;)

I must now clarify.

Ma-Schamba starts with four different distribution channels, namely:
the web channel, which has advertising;
the RSS channel, which does not yet have advertising but could have it in the medium-term future;
the email channel (idem);
the light channel, for cell phones, PDA and other mobile gadgets (it doesn't even change its address, just go to using your device and you will see Ma-Schamba in a light version, being able to interact, ie, comment, if your device allows it). 
Therefore, your hmbf reader, like the minority of your audience who don't like advertising, has 2 or 3 consistent alternatives to read it: simply subscribe to the RSS channel or the email channel (I'm not saying access via portable device, which won't be as useful).

And now let's get to the suggestions.

In reality there is yet another way, although not provided by Ma-Schamba, but being external it is an alternative and as such I recommend it:
there are several tools on the web designed for anti-advertising fundamentalists that do more or less the same thing, which is to take away all ads on a page before serving it to the customer. A simple Google search will provide the links,

At TubarãoEsquilo we are technologically prepared for a fifth reading solution guaranteed to be free from advertising. We haven't launched it in any of our +40 projects yet because it wasn't considered necessary, but here's a suggestion: if the author and readers think it's worth it, we'll offer the service to subscribers. This service consists of registering on the blog, which can be with a paid or free plan, it is up to the author to decide. For registered readers, the Ma-Schamba pages will appear without advertisements.

addendum: tobacco in Portugal

I explain why I stop ma-schamba right after changing addresses. I will be away from Maputo, I will only return there in February - yes, I will only return when it is still no longer possible to smoke in Portuguese airports .

I thank the 190 people who signed my petition . But in a country where not even birdseed can be freely sold, I don't think it's worth talking about.

“These Lusitanians are crazy”, Goscinny would say, if he were alive. So we are left with the rude (and clumsy?) “these tugas are crazy”.

See you in two weeks

In the next fifteen days there will be no update on Ma-schamba.

Advertising on Ma-schamba

Henrique Fialho , who is a super blogger, just left this comment that I transcribe:

“ Dear JPT, I have already changed the link. However, I cannot help but express my displeasure with advertising. I hate advertising on weblogs. And when I arrive at Ma-schamba there's still that annoying thing of a pop-up window trying to get in the way. Once this is done, I will continue to visit you .”

Note 1: apart from hmbf I have never heard of this window, can you confirm it for me and even teach me how to remove it?

Note 2: when PQ challenged me to join TE, the first things I thought of, right after the technological advantages, were: what will hmbf think of this, given that your loyal reader, knowing your opinion about advertising on blogs and remembering the beating he gave Adufe a while ago . And also because I agree with him - I don't like advertising on blogs.

Note 3: TE gives me company and I'm tired of blogging alone (ma-schamba has been, from the beginning, a failed collective blog). Give me technological help. It gives me communication possibilities. And, more than anything, it stroked my ego, which is something I rarely resist. In exchange for all this, I ask, as an organization that requires funds to operate, to insert a small dose of advertising, in a dimension and tone that I control. I think it's fair

And it even gave me the chance to, once again, exercise my right to inconsistency. I don't like advertising but I integrate it.

Note 4: Hugs to hmbf. Without a hint of irony, of course.

Benaki Museum Treasures

I will no longer have time to lie down here and write about this must for my Christmas holidays. In the Lisbon rush, between museums and galleries (well, and not only...), here I stopped in wonder: will it still be open? This is “ The Greeks. Treasury of the Benaki Museum ” at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Well, if I've already grumbled below about the iconological production that much of contemporary art wants to assume - perhaps my ignorance, perhaps insensitivity, but so many times I need a kid to exclaim “ the artist goes naked ”. I confess my intellectual irritation and sentimental emptiness when faced with a guy who puts wire circles on the wall and says - pay attention, has to say - that they mean something (in this case the borders of the current world), which makes me sigh when someone Do you think that a work of art explains itself to a final point (it is framed, it gives clues, it is interpreted, and with all this also reducing the freedom of those who look/think, but is it determined?). All of this is to say that the irritation with Gulbenkian - last June was a pile of sand on the ground, frankly the bourgeoisie have already been frightened enough in this way, a piece of junk that reminds me of the washbasin that “Replicas e Rebeldias” from Instituto Camões has been bringing to Maputo for years, things as contemporary as people painting like Turner or Columbano nowadays, but at least the latter without the arrogance of the insiders. Or, in this case, would it be because it is “Contemporary Art” for the 3rd World? -, the irritation with Gulbenkian, he said, has completely disappeared. And this was enough

“ Female Figurine .” Master of Fitzwilliam. Early Cycladic Period II (c. 2700 - 2300 BC). White marble (20.7 cm X 5.9 cm)

with Jall Sinth Hussein

Leaving for the North and with the usual enthusiasm. But with the longing for that north northeast, of meeting those who let themselves say

We, those with long faces like those of old people,
we with the weight of a gagged god on our shoulders,
we who look at things and weep
and who are similar to a lost promise,
will not bend in the face of the slightest rush


Jall Sinth Hussein , Poemas do Índico , Vila Nova de Famalicão, Amores Perfeitos, 2004



The waters are rising, although these days they are falling. But in them there is always the promise of more. I'm back to the Zambezi, now to other waters, I tell myself. (There are nights when I fear vultures at night…)


Entrance to Squirrel Shark

Thank you to Paulo Querido for the invitation. And for the holy patience shown with bloggers like these - which you maintained in this

In Goa

good memories (and now distant) have of Paulo Varela Gomes now echoed in  Ana de Amsterdam . Fortunately. And I'm glad they resonate.

Old Postcards

I was informed that the Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino, in Lisbon, has made a collection of Postcards and Prints available in its Iconnoteca . It includes images of Angola (302), Cape Verde (302), Guinea-Bissau (79), S. Tomé and Príncipe (295) and Mozambique (424), among others.

Marcello Caetano in the History of Mozambique


Now I have this “ Caetano e ocaso do Império” in my hands. Administration and Colonial War in Mozambique During Marcelism (1968-1974) ”, book that portrays the doctoral thesis at Universidade Nova de Lisboa by Amélia Souto , published by Afrontamento.

A work of Political and Institutional History that begins:

“ I start from the hypothesis that Marcello Caetano is not only the heir of Salazar's colonial policy but its accomplice, in the sense that he helps to build it, adheres to it and collaborates with it. (…) brings with it the long-awaited desire for power and a way of thinking about the colonies and the colonizer that differs little from its predecessor (despite some nuances in the terminology with which it is presented). And, although recognizing the need for change and war as one of the main problems faced by the Estado Novo, its convictions, its ideological assumptions and its alliances with the different factions in power made it a voluntary prisoner of orthodoxy and made it consciously accept the commitment to colonial policy and the maintenance of war .” (9)

Then there are 420 pages - which, in my case, will have to be postponed. Reducing this postponement will certainly arouse my interest in the two final chapters, dedicated to the “Democratic Opposition in Mozambique” (the resident Portuguese oppositionists - of which the most famous and of future influence is António Almeida Santos) and “Spiritual Power - the Catholic Church.”

I assume the book will be released at the end of February.


In the course of the ma-schamba, regular readers here read some references to my professional status (and I even found a blogoeco here and there), especially as a contextualizer of my activity and, even, how it appeared in this blogging aspect. So it's up to them to update, I'm no longer “cooperative”, under contract with the Portuguese Development Support Institute . It was a pleasure to serve. I hope reciprocal.

Tobacco Law and Airports

Portugal . A friendly blogger asks me if I maintain the Motion for Smoking Rooms at Airports given that below I was informed of ANA's declaration of intent to establish a smoking area at Portela Airport. Yes, despite it not being a success (179 subscribers in fifteen days) it is still maintained, I maintain it. Because I doubt “declarations of intent”, as I doubt that the General Directorate of Health (or another regulatory body) will verify whether smoking areas have been established or not. Because I doubt that if these were to be created, they would be created with the required ventilation, hygiene and comfort (I imagine some glass cages, infected and smelly), as we are witnessing not only a controlling spirit but also a revanchist spirit ("if you are a smoker, nothing you deserve it”). And, finally, as a Lisboner I'm not a centralist ( Portugal is Lisbon and the rest is landscape ?). Smoking room at Lisbon airport and not at others?
Are there things worse than this? There definitely is. But there are also better ones. And it doesn't hurt to opt for these.

Ashamed Misery

Vacation .

I cross the bus stop, on the bench there are four old men. He has a nice hat, I notice, overcoat and scarf, the three women in that more-or-less, that style that I'm calling “Olivais old men”, as if there was a blurring of classes that some disarray (lack of interest?) old age and reduced pensions are causing. I catch their conversation on the air, he is certain that “ in my time there was much more shameful misery ” and they vehemently chorus in “ you are absolutely right !”, “ absolutely ”.

I get in the car with all my certainty, “ Portugal ”. It's all there. Believers that in “his time” (how many decades ago?) there was more misery, shameful or not. Of the old people, sitting there where they used to get rained on sitting on my stairs, even if they don't go. Now about their (meager) children…

Blonde People

Vacation . A small museum right in the center of Lisbon, which makes it possible to imagine constant use - even if it's at lunchtime (is that the case?). I arrive on a Saturday morning and so there are two home technicians and two visitors. Nice because, “for security reasons” they tell me, the visit has to be accompanied. While I buy a ticket and browse catalogs and books, another visitor fills the small entrance room. She talks to the employee who accompanies her. She's in her fifties, the kind of girl who turns blonde throughout her life, she dresses like a bourgeois girl. She speaks “loudly”, with almost all accented vowels, elongated syllables, a profusion of hyphens, the standard everything of this tiny quasi-bourgeoisie that advertising ideology once classified as “middle class”.

The employee gives me the ticket while smiling, apologizing because “ today we are a little noisy ” he ironizes. We smile, I stand between the books waiting for the woman to move forward and leave the rooms alone. But it will take a while, insists on that cry so common there, always so surprising to those arriving from outside, that “ explain everything to me ”, that “ I spend my days locked up in the Palácio da Ajuda ” - ok, it's from the house, from the ministry, now (n) warned them [even though I didn't learn there that people tend to speak quietly in museums] - that “ C… T… has been my friend for over twenty years! !”. In that almost hysteria, one could sense a ray of loneliness. But no, maybe because I'm still scared, it disgusts me. Everything is so the same in her - accents, tics, screams and moans, onamatopoeia, rags and hair, and even trinkets - that she doesn't even have them.

There it goes. I wait a bit and follow the exhibition. Bothered. It's just that these people make so much noise...

Plagiarism in Blogging

In this blogging matter, each one as each other. Carlos Serra now has paraphernalia and a set of warnings to combat plagiarism on his blog. About this harsh way of receiving visitors at an open house [there are blogs by invitation, let's remember] I already gave my opinion years ago . It hasn't changed.

“ So how was your vacation ?” during the double hug here or the double kiss from the really polite ones, “ Have a good year !” in “ see you soon .”

They were wonderful .

Child Citizen

How were the holidays ?" - good, but how many times with a distant smile. “ Han ?” … yes, in capitalism this infantilization of the consumer is infantilization of the citizen.

Artistic Wire…

“Drawing on the Wall” (2006) by Adel Abdessemed

[included in An Atlas of Events at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. (Photograph by Marc Domage, reproduced from the exhibition catalogue)] “How was your vacation?” Good - but coming from far away, I'm surprised when they want to explain linear to me. Or, even, when they make circles out of it.

“ So how was your vacation ?” during the double hug here or the double kiss from the really polite ones, “ Have a good year !” in “ see you soon .”

They were very good .

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